[Repair] 22k broken chain

About a year ago I asked some questions abut making a 22k pendent for
my doctors wife. She has given me a broken chain and a faceted stone.
Due to some back surgery, pain pills, and time for the meds to leave
my system, I’m just about back to where I was in my life. This means
that I still have that commission hanging over my head. I am much more
of a silversmith than a goldsmith. What gage gold should I use for the
base plate and what gage for a bezel? I will need to allow for the
"pointed" end of the stone in some way also so how do that? In silver,
I would either solder another strip inside of the bezel or if it’s a
small stone, use fine silver and drill the wall of the bezel to
accommodate the angel. (Don’t you love the technical language. .
.pointed end?)

Marilyn Smith