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Renting out a bench in a studio - pitfalls

Hey Guys,

I need opinions - specifically pitfalls to look out for. I have a
really nice little set up in a smallish studio behind my garage, but
I am shocking at working on my own and get bored really easily and
end up spending way too much time chatting to friends online! So I
figured getting in another bench and maybe renting it out on a daily
basis to a local jewelry artist or even two might be a nice idea. Im
in Greenwich CT, so theres agood chance nobody could be interested -
aren’t that many arty types here unfortunately.

So anyone have any stories that scream “for christs sake dont do


Lucy, give it a try. Working alone day after day in the studio is a
very lonely activity. I am very fortunate as some of my friends and
I get together on a regular basis to do wax work, casting, enameling
and other jewelry making activities. The work goes faster, and most
important, we learn from each other. We each inspire the other, and
have never had any problems.

They bring their own tools and supplies, and it is amazing how much
we accomplish. The important thing is to invite those who are
serious about their work, know their way around torches, chemicals,
and dangerous equipment.


Thanks Alma,

To be honest,I doubt I could find anyone here anyway. I have friends
come over every so often, but it would be nice to have someone
around more often to keep me sane - I think the neighbors already
think Im crazy talking to myself in there all day!

But I totally hear you on having someone who knows what they are
doing - I deffinately would be slightly pissed if they burnt down my
studio - or sentwet metal through my beautiful rolling mill :slight_smile:

Che sara sara, we will see.

Hi Lucy,

What you are doing could also be thought of as a business incubator.
Not a bad idea.

Andrew Jonathan Fine

The person you rent to may not want to keep you sane just get their
own work done. It’s good to have someone to bounce ideas off of once
in a while but it sounds like you want “company”.

Andrew - sorry to be blond, but whats a business incubator? :slight_smile:

Billie - yes I want arty company for sure, and its great to gossip
while you work and bounce ideas around. But seeing as I get to say
yes or no to who I share my studio with, I would make sure to pick
someone who wasnt a misery to be around.

Anyway - the idea has passed now, Im buying a new tool now instead
to go where the spare bench would have gone - and for now I will be
happy talking to that :slight_smile:

I would like to add a suggestion. When you decide to share space with
someone, theirs or yours, I recommend that you start with a 30 or 60
day trial period after which either person can terminate the
arrangement. Different people have different work styles. Where one
sees some conversation as a good think another may find it an
intrusion or interruption of their creative flow. Also spell out what
the expectations are for each of you. If you want to learn from
someone that is a different arrangement than sharing workspace. Some
good discussion might be a good investment before deciding to share
space. The person who owns/leases from the building owner is likely
the person in control if there may be a dispute so be very careful.
What are the expectations about using each other’s equipment? This
space sharing arrangement might be a godsend for both of you. It
would be interesting to hear from some who are doing this.

Pat Gebes