Rendering Services

Hi Dawn! I took a rendering class with Sharon Church at Philadelphia
College of the Arts that I highly recommend. Sharon is a gifted
instructor, thorough and takes you through the process in a way that
makes it easy to learn. One semester (one night a week) with Sharon,
and then working through Adolpho Mattiello’s wonderful book
“Techniques of Jewelry Illustration and Color Rendering” helped
immensely. Best Regards,

Kate Wolf

I own JewelTech here in the Seattle, WA area and am a Service
Bureau. One of the many aspects of my company is 3-D renderings,
along with Rapid-prototyping and CNC models. Let me know if I can
help you out.


Hi, I have basic rendering info on my website at:

also I list few great books on my metalcyberspace site at:

If you are looking to hire someone to render designs for you, check
out JDPN The Jewelry Design Professionals’ Network at

Susan Sarantos (my nightblooming cereus in action)
Listen to the Universe and Dance to the Rhythm of it-SES

Regarding rendering services, you might want to start looking at
some of the CAD programs out there. Rhino (www.rhino3d.c om),
Jewelspace ( or, Matrix (my favorite at and others are all capable of qua lity rendering. One
of the advantages of modeling and rendering in 3D is that once the
model is completed it can be view ed at any scale and from any
position. I email my clients a jpeg showing a front, top, side and
3/4 perspective view of the piece in question. If changes are
required, I don’t have to start from scratch. And of course,
changing colors or st one shapes/sizes is down with a couple mouse
clicks, same with polished vs brushed, vs sandblasted surfaces. I am
currently working on a library of basic and not so basic designs,
functional and buildable designed to allow jeweler s to show their
customers a very wide variety of designs, just to help start the
designing process with the customer. Mos t of my design customers
come in and say, “I don’t know exactly what I want, but I know what
I like when I see it”. I fin d that the more design concepts I can
show them, the quicker we can start to narrow in on their
preferences. That leaves me with buying more inventory and hoping
they like it, or showing them images to choose from or at least use
as a starti ng point. This has worked out VERY well for me, and I
soon hope to able lots and lots of somewhat different functional d
esings to other jewelers in the form of a library of these pieces,
catalogued with thumbnails, and easy to use. I don’t currently have
an interest in building these pieces and wholesaling them out, I
just want to able to supply lots of design ideas to make the
jeweler-customer interface more fun and efficient. Although…to
get these images I have to make the 3D file, which CAN be downloaded
to a CNC milling machine to cut the wax perfectly or sent to a Rapid
Prototypin g machine which will “grow” the wax, and I could ofer the
files as well. Up to the jeweler to get the rest done. Unless, of
course, we could help…

Sorry, too long a spiel.
Wayne Emery