Renaissance Wax [Was: Prevent oxidation]

     I use "Renaissance" Micro-crystalline wax polish, but I'm
sure there are cheaper waxes that also work great. Gang?

I use it also Kathi, but have a time sometimes getting it to be
invisible. How do you apply it?


I have heard, equally recommended, “Butcher’s Wax”, which I was
able to find in a hardware store. I wondered what a butcher
nedded wax for, but it turns out to be a brand name. Fine wood
polish, I applied a couple coats to my mandrels and such, and
have been able to keep the high Carolina humidity at bay from my
steel tools.


Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC (USA)

I put a micro-dab on a piece of cleanex. The pieces I use it on
are, for the most part heavily patinaed. I think the key is the
micro-dab. Believe me, that little plastic tin will last forever.