Renaissance wax issues

I just started using Renaissance Wax on some small pieces of copper
jewelry to inhibit tarnishing. I have not gotten the results that I
had hoped for. The next day the copper piece was tarnished and
splotchy. I started out with one coat of the wax and after the
result that I got, I added another layer. I make sure my copper is
clean, apply the wax in a thin coat, let it dry and then rub it off
with a clean cloth. Am I missing something? Maybe I need to add
several more layers.

Casey Bowman

I’ve been successful in preventing tarnish on copper by first dipping
my finished piece in JAX tarnish preventer, rinsing, drying and then
applying Renaissance. Seems to work well.

Are you wearing gloves? oils from your fingers will cause the
blotchyness. The oils get trapped under the wax. You have to start
with totally clean copper that has not been handled with bare hands.
Much like soldering. Then apply the wax, while wearing gloves, with a
cloth to the piece.