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Removing your Channel Set stones!

From: Gerald Lewy



Thanks for sharing Gerry. I do the same to cut out channel set stones. When piece is going to be scraped I will also just saw open channel at one end and pry open channel. Another option I use are dedicated safe burrs that have been cut and polished on top surface so that if stone contact is made it generally will not harm hard stones.


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At times I am required to remove much less forgiving gemstones from a channel than Diamonds.
In this case I use the cut off disc to cut one channel ( sometimes both) from the side, just below the culets. I then carefully cut across the channel wall between each stone.
This allows me to lift short sections of the channel wall, to “release” each stone.

I wrote a very in-depth essay, but the photographs were the only parts that were posted. I have no idea what happened!
I’m going to try again tomorrow to re-post the detailed instructions for the THIRD TIME. That text took me ONLY THREE HOURS TO WRITE. If it fails again, I’m going to post it to my blog for everyone to read.


Gerry, not to be a pill about it, but in your drawing you’ve got the decimal point in the wrong place. I’m pretty sure you mean the discs are ¼ mm thick, not 25 thousandths of a millimeter.

Thanks for catching it for me. BTW, I just photographed the box, it shows “.025” I just copied it exactly as I read it! Thanks!!

Since the diameter is in Imperial the thickness is certainly .025 inches, 25 thousandths, which is a bit more than ½mm. One millimeter is 0.039 inches, usually rounded to 0.040.