Removing Tarnish & aluminum etc

people - i think some of you need to find another hobby - let’s leave
this thread with all its alluminum sidebars for awhile before
Alzheimer’s is revealed among some - but first, whoever needed the
cleaning secret, here it is straight from the goodgrief space center:
tear off a 2 foot piece of aluminum foil. drag out a loaf pan, a
bowl, or whatever. turn upside down. mould foil around that shape.
turn right side up & stick in foil. sprinkle a 1/4 cup of calgon bath
beads or calgon dish washer powder. pour in 3 to 4 cups of hot but
NOT boiling water. stir. drop in jewelry, silver pieces, or
irritating partner’s toothbrush. remove with silver fork (2 birds
with one dip) this is HOT people. rinse. lay on towel on floor in
front of refrigerator to dry. people - move on -