Removing stones from 10K bezel setting

Hello everyone,

I have been given a few 10K rings to melt down and turn into something new. They have a stone in a bezel setting and I am not sure how to remove it. I don’t care much for the stone so I’m not worried about breaking it but of course it would be ideal to recover it intact. If worst comes to worst I am not opposed to simply whaling it with a hammer and shattering the stone to recover the gold.



I usually saw the setting carefully until I can release the stone. I start from the underneath of one side of the setting but slowly and carefully. If I feel the slightest bit of saw blade on stone, I change angle and work my way up the bezel.




I repaired a silver ring with a bezel set stone for a friend. The stone had to be removed before soldering. I used a very sharp steel knife to gently open the bezel. Fortunately, the stone was not glued ad was easily pulled out. With a gold ring, the stone is unlikely to be glued.




If the stone is scratched and thus worthless. Hammer will do. Turn it to power.
If the bezel is thin and you want to reset the stone. Using a knife to pry back the bezel and then using some sticky wax, you lift the stone out.
If the stone is priceless and in a think bezel. Using a knife engraver to carefully release the bezel will take time but you will to eventually get the stone out. Warning this takes practice. Start with stone you can afford to throw away. Do this practice solution several times until you know how to use the graver. Good luck.

Wail on or just carefully saw into the bezel area until the stone is free. Open the gap and release it. Good luck…Rob