Removing soybean oil from lapidary saw

Pete: My husband says to try plain old green "Palmolive"
dishwashing detergent. He takes pine and fir pitch off of his
hands with very little scrubbing. Procedure: apply to DRY
surface liberally then scrub. Rinse with hot water until soap
suds are gone. RoseAlene

Hmmnn… Maybe I am making this harder than necessary! I’ll
give that a try. Thanks RoseAlene! Obviously I didn’t finish in
time for Christmas cutting - but I still have to get the saw
clean. :slight_smile: -Pete-

Hi Pete,

What you may want to try for cleaning your saw is ‘steam

I run the saw room for our lapidary club (5 saws from 10- 24").
Recently we drained the oil from them & had them all steam
cleaned. They hadn’t been cleaned in years, however, they hadn’t
been left to dry either.

The steam cleaning was fast, easy & did a very good job. In this
case a company with a portable steam cleaner was hired & came to
us. We carried the saws out to the parking lot to keep the dirt
out of the shop. It took less than 2 hours from the time the
cleaner arrived until he left. The saws looked like new (almost)
when he left.

You may be able to find a shop that has a steam cleaner & take
the saw to them. Many construction shops/yards use steam cleaners
to clean up equipment before it’s worked on.

Good luck, I don’t envy you the cleanup job!