Removing Scratches From Marble

I am a lapidary of 40 years experence.I have answers but I have many
more questions. Size of marble piece? Dementions and thickness.Is it
set in anything such as wood or metal.Equipment and costs are a major
factor,is this a rare antique and how much did you win in the

A spot fix can be done but the repair can be as ugly [or as
noticable] as the scratches. The resulting curved surface will be an
eye catcher.The best thing to do would be to resurface the entire
piece, if conditions are right.

Hand rubbing with silicon carbide, 220, 600, 1000, and polish with
cerium oxide with a dremel tool and felt tip will leave you a wavey
surface but polished.Clear acrilic spray paint has been used to
produce a shine on raw cut surfaces,not recommended,never personally
used,but a possibility for filling the scratches. I guess the main
question would be, how right do you want it fixed? Best fix is to
resurface on a vibrating lap or sanding entire face pending size etc.
Im sure there are options I havent dreamed of but these thoughts fell
off of the top of my head.The sanding can be done by machine and
silicon carbide belts…enough tools and equipment anything can be