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Removing rubber cement

I have a customer who brought in a broach which had been self
repaired. The broach is gold filled twisted and braided wire. The
problem is the pin clutch back had come off and someone put it back
on with a massive amount of rubber or contact cement. Any ideas to
remove this substance or dissolve it would be appreciated.

Seems I remember that the traditional solvent for rubber cement is
napthene, but I’d try acetone.

Al Balmer
Sun City, AZ

Acetone will dissolve rubber cement. It will also dissolve many
other things so be careful. Read and heed the warnings on the can.


Rubber cement has a solvent that is sold at the big box office
stores. It is a combination of a number of what are called hot
solvents(ones that are aggressive). So read the label first before
buying in the store as most if not all are not good for you. It
comes in quart metal cans, like paint thinner from the old days.

And yes do test first as it is a fast acting and dissipates quickly
on the paper as it was designed for.