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Removing rhodium


Does any one have a good method for removing rhodium plating?
We occasionally rhodium plate something for a customer and then
they want it removed. Hand polishing is the best method I have
found. I was hoping that there is a quicker way to do it.




Ray I have removed gold plating from silver in a reversed
electroplating proces. I don’t know whether it will work with
rhodium, but I don’t se why it should not. I think it is worth a
try. Just swithch the + and - cores in your rhodium bath. And
let us hear if it works.

Kind regards
Niels L=F8vschal, Jyllinge, Denmark
phone (+45) 46 78 89 94


We tried the reverse plating today. We plated an old ring and
then used an old rhodium bath and reversed the anodes. We
increased the amperage to 4 and the time was 30 seconds. It
removed most of the rhodium. It took a little rouge to clean
the tarnish that the procedure left. Worked pretty good.




hi ray, rhodium cannot be removed by eletrostripping or bombing,
but if one nickle plates first then rhodium plates on top then
these techniques work.

your pal,

geo fox