Removing oxidizer off sterling silver necklace


I accidentally oxidized a sterling silver necklace that I wanted to
keep shiny silver. ugh.

Is there a way besides rubbing like a solution to completely remove
the midas black oxidizer? I would like all areas of the pendant and
chain to be back to their original shiny silver condition, including
all of the nooks?

Is this possible? or wishful thinking?

Thanks in advance for your help.

sweet tooth designs, inc.

Simply heat up the necklace with your torch and then pickle and it
will all disappear.



I would give the item a couple of full ‘bombs’, then a couple of
partial [not full reaction] bombs, followed by quick dip in a hot
water/cyanide mix, and then into the tumbler [steel or stainless
steel, soap, water].

Many on this site are totally against the old bombing system as much
care must be taken so I expect strong reaction, but some old hands
find new alternative systems much slower.



Not long ago I purchased some Midas Tarnish Remover from Rio. I had a
sterling chain that had become completely discolored and was not
having success polishing it. One dip for about 5 seconds removed the
tarnish completely and it was back to it’s original shiny condition.
Hope this helps.

Tracy Arrington