Removing gold plate

hi all

i have been asked if i could clean up a gold plated watch strap, a
lot of the gold plate has worn away i dont know what i could use to
remove the last of the gold plate they tried to get it replated but
nobody will touch it but i think that its down to the fact its a copy
of a big brand, i offered to try and help them out, i am unsure what
the base metal of the strap is, i was going to try and use the m3
brushes i have but i thought i getter see if i could get any advise
on the best way to remove it

thank for any help you can give

I have used liquid silver cleaner to strip the last of gold plating.
Just dip, leave for a few minutes, check it and if the item is
stripped, rinse and dry. Tarnex works great. Becareful you don’t
leave too long because it will eat other metals.