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Removing gold from platinum

Does anyone have a good technique for removing gold solder from
a platinum piece so that it can then be welded or platinum

Does anyone have a good technique for removing gold solder from
a platinum piece so that it can then be welded or  platinum

The most effective method I’ve found is to electrostrip the
piece. Gesswein’s cyanide based salts work great.

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Best way I caqn think of is to file it off

Bill Raby

hoover striping or just good old file and sanding good luck

If it is just a seam, cut through it several times with a
jewelers saw until you are satisfied the solder is gone. Then
weld or solder it with Pt solder.

For more technical help with Platinum call the Platinum Guild
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Have a platinum day
Jurgen J. Maerz
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You mentioned “Hoover Stripping”. What is it and how does it

Wendy Newman

On a recent job soldering 18k gold edges to a patterned platinum
band I melted a section of the gold edge onto the surface of the
platinum. Because of the pattern on the platinum band I can’t just
file the gold off. Also, according to Oppi Untracht, aqua regia
dissolves platinum as well as gold. Can anyone suggest a way of
removing the gold without harming the patterned band? Thanks.

Steven Brixner Design - San Diego CA USA

Steven, Aqua regia will dissolve platinum but it does not do much to
it at room temp. To really dissolve it you need to boil it in the
aqua regia. You will want to do this cold and you will probably will
have to take it out and rinse it off every few min. and dip it in
ammonia to dissolve the silver chloride that will form on the
surface of the gold. The silver chloride will not dissolve in the
aqua regia and stops its action on the gold. You will have to do
this several times to get all the gold off the platinum.

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I have successfully removed gold from platinum by electrostripping.
Unfortunately, procuring cyanide salts is becoming more and more
difficult. My experience with aqua regia suggests that platinum
doesn’t dissolve in the solution except at near boiling temperatures.
You should test it first, but it might very well work

Bruce Holmgrain
JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler

Steve, One of the best ways that I know to remove gold from platinum
is to strip it off. Platinum is not effected by electrostripping at
all, so you can strip off the gold without effecting the pattern or
finish on the platinum ring. PM West sells a non cyanide stripping
solution that works quite well, you can also get stripping supplies
at Hoover & Strong.

Good Luck,
Blaine Lewis