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Removing firescale in reducing atmosphere

This is really an experiment, a quest to understand the metal and
its properties. My latest results so far are not that great. I was
pretty brutal with the annealing process.

I had the sterling silver rolled to a little thicker than 1mm and I
torched the heck out of it.

The whole piece turned black with a few copper colored splotches. I
then put the piece in the stainless steel tube filled with charcoal.
I popped it into the kiln and kept it at around 1200 F for about
20-30 minutes. It came out much cleaner, but still had a copper color
sheen and some dark splotches. I’m about to put it back into the
kiln. The goal this time is to keep a temperature of 1300F for around
an hour and see what the results are. If anyone out there has already
tried any of this, please share your results.