Removing bezel set diamonds


I have two rings that have bezel set diamonds. One ring is 18 karat
yellow gold with a 1 carat round diamond with four smaller round
diamonds and the other is 14 karat yellow gold with three (maybe 1/3
karat) diamonds. I would like to remove them and the use them in my
own jewelry. Can this be done? How? Thank you.

Kindest regards to all,

I have successfully removed stones from bezel settings, by CAREFULLY
sawing the bezel apart.


Hi Lois

The easiest method is to use your ‘Separating Disk’. Grind a slot
from the upper tip of the bezel & let that wheel cut a groove down to
the base of the bezel. You ‘must’ cut right through! When done, simply
use a pair of very sharp pliers & widen that thin groove to slowly
remove the diamond. Don’t force’ your actions, widen the opening from
the bezel tip, to the base. This will dislodge the stone in little

Hope this works for you, as it does for me!
Gerry Lewy

Ooops. Actually one ring has flush set diamonds. Sorry about the

Thank you.

Thank you. I will be careful but first I must conquer my fear.

Kind regards,