Remove a plating?

Hi Orchid Buddies, I have a light weight 14ky cable chain that has a
bright yellow high karat flash plating on it and unfortunately does
not match the simple pearl toggle I have made for it. Is there any
reasonable way to remove it or tone down that high yellow? I know it
will wear down but I would prefer to deliver it with a better match
right off. Can I tumble, magnetic or disc finisher, to remove it.
What is the prep to tumble chain so it does not tie itself in knots?

Thanks for the advice,


Surviving my first Holiday season as a retailer, its been tons of
fun, tons of work and better cash flow than just doing custom work
for the season! It really brings you to the joy of our work, that we
are selling expressions of love…

You have a few obtiions: 1. you could gold plate what you made and
hope to match the color of the chain; 2. polish off the plating on
the chain and hope you don’t get the chain caught in the buff; 3.
electro strip the chain and polish it, or; 4. Bomb the chiain with
cyanide and hydrogen peroxide. There is no way to win, it’s a pain
in the neck, good luck j dinola