Reminder - Commercial Posts

Hi Orchid -

This is just a reminder about how “commercial” posts work. A commercial post is anything that advertises something for sale - a workshop, a tool, a company’s service, etc. basically, if you are seeking to get money for something, it’s a commercial post. If you are a school or a non-profit, it is still a commercial post. If you are responding to an existing thread with technical information about a product, and you happen to be the maker of said product, that is not necessarily a commercial post.

To make a commercial post of any kind, you need to be a Platinum member. Even then, I ask that these posts are limited to things that would be of specific interest to the community, are not posted more than once, and are generally done in a limited, useful, and tasteful fashion.

I may make a new category for such posts - I’m still deciding.

My objective for Orchid is to keep it a valuable forum focused almost exclusively on discussion of jewelry making and topics related thereto.

There is an exception to this policy for personal for sale postings.

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