Reliable source for stones

I hope it is OK to ask this here. I am a new jewelry artist and
frankly not very knowledgeable about stones. I am reading, but still
have a long way to go. I am looking for reliable sources for stones "
well cut with honest descriptions. I am happy to pay a fair price and
am not looking for bargain basement. I want to pass onan accurate
description to my customers as well. We have onelocal supplier that I
trust and I often buy from them, but I would like to have an online
resource as well. Also, Gem Faire comes to Portland, OR and I wonder
if any of you have a trusted relationship with any of the vendors who
attend that show. Thanks for all the wonderful provided
here. I am learning so much. Camille

Stachura is a reliable source for stones, and the stones I have
gotten fromthem have always been of excellent quality. If you have
any special needs Mary is always very helpful.


You can try Stuller at 800-877-7777



You will not find a better source for gemstones that will meet every
one of the things you mentioned that are important to you.

Dave Phelps

Camille- If you are in or near Portland Or. go see my old friend Tom
Handley at Handley’s in the Willamette Bldg on 3rd and Alder. He’s
on the 8th floor. They have another shop in Vancouver Wa.

The only vendor I trust at the Gem Faire is John Tu the pearl
broker. I’ve encountered some fakes and misrepresentations at that

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer

I have bought from Mary at Stratura for almost 10 years and their
stones are high quality. They also provide helpful about
hardness and origin.

Good luck. MA

I use a number of stone suppliers over the years but the two I keep
using over and over again are Stuller settings and Rio grande. They
are always there when you need them and very reliable. Not always
the cheapest but when Ineed something tomorrow or have a question
they are always there. Been in this business for over 40 years. Get
a account with them to start. Then play around with others for price
and unique stones. Just my advice for a starting point…


Unusual- carved stone for jewelers


i find companies listed in agta american gem trade assoc are pretty
reliable nut can be peice but you get what you pay

another way is making contacts at the tucson show in aug i plan to go

Go to and search for gemstone cabochons. There are some
outstanding stones to be found there, and the sellers generally give
great customer service. No affiliation with them except being a
happy customer.

Vicki K, in SoCal

Best place for a huge variety well cut stones is Dikra Gems Inc NY
NY Dikra Gem, Inc.

Lee Horowitz Gemologist

Hi everyone! I am faceter and craftsman, I have good price and
always seek quality in my work. Anyone can trust me, you will not
regret it. Can look at my work in my blog:

Carlos Peixoto Direct from Brazil.

I want to thank everyone who responded with recommendations. I got
great referrals.


I must have joined this community after your forum posted. I am
actually looking for reliable, well-priced gemstone wholesalers too.
Is there a way for me to locate the responses?

Thank you,
Donna Williams