Release Letter

Hi everyone, Houston Metal Arts Guild is having a logo contest
for its members. We need a release letter that the artist will
sign giving up rights to the logo. Does anyone have such a

Thanks a lot

Joe Kilpatrick
Expressions With Metal

Dear Joe, Drop a note to Rich Youmans at AJM
( All magazines have contracts for their
writers and photographers, and most will be willing to share. AJM
doesn’t request all rights: just a limited time license, but I’m
sure you could modify it to state all rights. You might also
drop a line to Morgan Beard at Colored Stone magazine
( I know that have an all-rights contract
(I’ve signed them!)

And don’t hesitate to drop my name: both Morgan and Rich know

Good luck!

Suzanne Wade

Joe: I’m a graphic designer by trade (25 years so far) and its
really very simple. All you need is a piece of paper that says
the artist releases ALL rights to the logo for all time basically
and that you own all rights to the logo. You should make your
entrants understand that by submitting entries they hand over all
rights to the art to you; or you could have it say that the
winning entry belongs to you exclusively , whatever…Dave

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