Relationship between Designers and Retailers


Once again I call on your knowledge, expertise and generosity. I am
working on an article about the ever-evolving relationship between
designers and retailers. What I need is your candid input on:

How have these relationships changed in the last four years. Why?

What have you done to improve your relationships with various
retailers (or designers)?

What creative ways have you come up with to do business with retail
stores (or designers)?

Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts. If you have any
questions or want to respond, contact me directly at or call at 207.772.5252. Please include your name
and email and permission to quote you (this is optional, but it makes
it easier to give you credit for your words of wisdom ).

Marlene Richey

Marlene Richey
Richey Jewelry Gallery
15 Wharf . Portland . ME . 04101