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Reinforcing Arbor Holes on Buffs

Any tips on reinforcing the arbor holes on buffs? We have the Merard MOC2 6" buff and the centers are not reinforced. The buffs get wallowed out before they get worn out. We change buffs fairly often because that particular one is used on certain products, but not most. When I tested the MOC2, I had 4" buffs and they are reinforced.

If it was a typical stitched muslin buff, I would just take a ball peen hammer and hammer the center so it would close. These buffs are really soft. (We burn through 6" muslin buffs at the rate of at least 1 or 2 per day, so this is never a problem with those.)

I wonder if I could soak the center area with super glue or shellac. Something that could soak into the fabric layers around the center to make it more durable.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Ruthanne Robertson
Legacy Touch, Inc.

You can buy them with shellac or leather reinforced centers. Look at Dico in Utica NY. They may not have the greatest website. I usually just drive there. My go to is 330053 from Rio. Good luck…Rob

I would just experiment with a couple of new buffs to see what works. Try super glue, shellac, maybe a 2-part epoxy, Gorilla Glue, looking for a substance that will penetrate, then stiffen. Let them dry overnight, then put it aon the buffer and see how it holds up. Let us know.


Well gorilla glue is a mess and doesn’t penetrate. I put some on some buffs that were unusable so they might be saved, but not viable for new ones. I am going to get some shellac and see if that will penetrate. These are Merard MOC2, which are a soft flannel combed on both sides. They polish great for the designated purpose. Other buffs are too aggressive or too coarse. I will post my next experiment result.

I have used nail polish for just this problem on a 6" x 1" wheel. It worked OK. I think it would be best on smaller wheels like 4" down to dremel wheels is used for my flex shaft. Gorilla glue expands and doesn’t saturate so I wouldn’t try that. And I would not use too very much of any thing. I would worry about knocking the wheel out of balance by having what ever you used saturate to one side more than the other.

Don Meixner

I just discovered a very useful product called Bondic. It is a liquid plastic that can reinforce, rebuild surfaces and many other things. It is easy to apply and cures with a UV light that is included in the purchase. Take a look at their website: There are many examples of repair on the website and a link to YouTubes that will act as tutorials. I am amazed at what I have done with it so far in a very difficult jewelry fabrication where I had to adhere mica to silver in a difficult to reach spot. It was flawless.

Helene Daniels

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I have had good luck with wood glue. It gets a bit messy as you need to rub it into the fabric but it seems to work well for buffs with softer centers. It takes a day or so to dry.

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