Refurbishment of an old enameling kiln

Hello Orchidians,

I recently purchase an old Norman kiln Model En-189 in a lot of Lost
wax casting stuff. It appears to be a very large enameling kiln(18"
by 18"by 9" no vent holes) or possibly was used for glass
annealing/fusing. The condition of this thirty year old kiln is a
little rough and may need a bit of therapy. A Google search yielded
Ganoksin articles(excepts from Enameling with Professionals By Lilyan
Bachman) posted on Orchid mentions that Ms Bachman refurbished a
Norman kiln for her own use. The email Link to MS Bachman a results
in a failure notice and to date I’ve been unable to find the Norman
Kiln Company and suspect that they are no longer in business. I would
be interested in any resources or you could direct me to
with regard to this piece of equipment ( Old manuals etcetera)? Any
advice on refurbishment would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance and I hope everyone has a fine time in Seattle at

Mike Edwards
Associate Faculty
College of the Redwoods Art Department- Jewelry

I just got a second or third hand kiln that has been rehabbed. It
was in good condition- decent bricks, element, and metal case, but
the electrical part was falling apart and old. I checked with friends
that were potters about the element/bricks because they are very
familiar with them, and you might have someone acquainted with kilns
look at it. For the wiring, I let my brother, who is an electrician
fix it. I got an pyrometer (analog) to check the temp. Does it have a
peep hole at all? You may need to get pyrometric cones to know the
temp inside the kiln; this may be another thin= g to talk to a
potterst about. I googled a couple of things “repair electric kiln”
and “Norman kiln” Both had many hits, so you may want to revisit. I
found one link to ganoksin that references using a Norman Kiln. I
also think you might find some useful articles on ganoksin, if you
look up “kilns”.

Hope it works for you,

Dear Michael,

I have some acquaintance with old Normans, having one that is
pushing 50 years of age or more.

What seems to be the obvious problems? Do the elements work? If it’s
chunked out inside, you will need fire brick, kiln cement, and kiln

I am guessing that you are in the Bay area; I am in the Sac area and
can give long distance advice or come down and help.

Kay Allen (DragonsFyre Workshop)