With respect, I did not receive a notice regarding the renewal of my membership. I went through this two years ago and unfortunately feel this wonderful site is not for me.

Please refund the fee you recently charged to my credit card and take me off your list.

Thank you, Naomi Sarna

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Hi I too have been charged a renewal fee after previously cancelling my subscription. Ganoksin: Can you please cancel my account and refund the charge to my credit card?

Why are you wanting to cancel out your membership?
There are are so many people in different countries all out there willing to help you.
I’m in Toronto, Canada and many jewellers in Australia. We are offering you FREE information.
If you feel that some of your questions were not answered, I would propose that question again.
I know of a jewellers website that charges $650.00 per year
Regards, eh!

“Gerry, on my busy iPhone”

Same happened with my account. It was auto-renewed with ZERO notification.

While I will likely expense the renewal cost, I consider that to be really a POOR business decision. Only seriously shifty businesses auto-renew services without notification. It makes Ganoksin appear pretty sleazy.