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Refrigeration Compressors

As a professional dealing with refrigeration compressors daily I have
several comments n the use of them as air compressors.

  1. In the US there is a very hefty fine for dealing with many of the
    refrigerants if you are not certified. Get your used compressor from
    someone who can certify that the refrigerant was recovered / disposed
    etc. properly.

  2. Refrigeration compressors are designed to utilize the cooling from
    the returning refrigerant to keep the compressor cool. This might
    cause a problem compressing air if running too long of a time. Copper
    tubing wrapped around the compressor shell with water circulating
    through it would be one method of keeping the compressor cool enough
    for continuous running.

  3. Normally there are three lines / stubs on the shell of the
    compressor if it is a reciprocating type. The largest diameter is the
    suction line for return or intake gases, the smallest is the high
    pressure outlet and the stub usually welded shut (or perhaps with an
    access fitting only ) is the process stub used to add the refrigerant
    at the manufacture then sealed. (Many small window units,refrigerators
    etc. now use rotary compressors which are cylindrical tubes. (Vs ovoid
    shaped) and the connections are somewhat different.)

  4. Personally I think a used dental compressor would be a better idea
    as it is designed for work with air and would probably have less oil
    carryover, overheating, and not have the “freon” refrigerant

Dan Wellman
Heating Ventilating Air Conditioning Refrigeration
(HVACR) Serviceman