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Refractometer hemicylinder repolishing

I seem to remember that someone on this forum refinishes
refractometer hemicylinders. I was unable to find anything in the
archives. Anyone remember who that was or are you out there? I have
one that is a bit pitted and scratched up and needs your services!

Dave Phelps

Dave-- Try the good old GIA-- their Gem Instruments division used to
do hemicylinder refinishing, seems like it was about $75 or so. And
they do a perfect job, recalibrate the instrument, etc.

Jim Sweaney, CGA, FGA, GG

It was me! I repolish them all the time, been doing so for many

Please call for more info and shipping instructions.

Wayne Emery

It was I! GIA no longer repairs these, I can usually re-polish it to
like new.

Been doing it for years, please call before shipping for details.
(563) 355-0891

Wayne Emery

GIA no longer does this…but I’ve been doing it for many years.

Wayne Emery