Reflecting Pond Necklace

I would like express my appreciation and gratitude to Tina
Wojtkielo, the Editor of AJM Magazine, for her wonderful article
about my "Reflecting Pond Necklace’, which is featured as the
‘Behind the Design’ column in the February 2004 Issue of AJM. Thank
you for the great interview and well captioned photo!

Michael David Sturlin

Michael, I just recieved AJM yesterday. Tina did do a great job. The
piece is beautiful.

Joel Schwalb

Just catching up on my Orchid posts after visiting Tucson and
attending Orchid dinner. Would just like to express my
congratulations to Orchid member Michael David Sturlin for the AJM
article featuring his necklace. If you have not seen it, check p.
13 of the Feb. '04 AJM magazine. Beautiful! And what a lovely
tribute to your grandmother and the memories you must cherish of your
time together.

Sheridan Reed

Is there a picture of this necklace anywhere on the web? I haven’t
gotten my hands on a copy of the magazine.


Sheridan - thank you for the kind words. My body of work focusing on
crochet for the past 10 years is in dedication to the memory of my
Grandmother, Margaret. She was a very artistic and creative person
and she taught me the most valuable things I have learned thus far in
life. I owe to her also my love of cooking and gardening, and I feel
I was truly fortunate to be raised by her.

Tas - there isn’t a picture of my Reflecting Pond Necklace on the
web yet, but there will be soon. If you are interested in AJM
magazine you can receive a trial issue by visiting . Maybe they will send the
you the February issue which has my article and also the first
installment of Kate Wolf’s wax carving tutorial entitled “Cut Loose”.
Kate’s article is available online at the following link: .

Michael David Sturlin

For those who responded to this thread and were interested in seeing
a photo of this necklace, it is now uploaded and available online at
the following link:

Michael David Sturlin

Hello Michael! I would like to express my compliments for your
jewelry work! It is beautiful, especially the ‘reflecting pond
necklace’. Best regards from your colleague in chilly Vienna. Sigrid

That’s a right cool piece! Love the square stones along straight
edges. What is the the big central stone?


Hi Tas - At the present moment the Lapidary Journal gallery page has
the wrong description accompanying the necklace image, but I believe
it will be corrected soon.

This piece was one of my entries in the AGTA Spectrum 2004 Awards.
The center stone of the necklace is a phantom quartz cut by Bernd
Munsteiner, which I received as a gift from my friend and mentor,
Alan Revere. It came with the challenge for me to make something
spectacular with it. It was a very inspiring assignment!

The correct description is: Reflecting Pond necklace (c) 2003 140
grams 18 karat red, white, and yellow gold, Munsteiner faceted quartz
87.43 carats, red spinel 5.35 carats, blue sapphire 1.35 carats

Thanks for the many compliments on and offline, from all those who
have enjoyed seeing this piece of jewelry.

Michael David Sturlin