Refinishing a Rolex band

I don’t have in my price book refinishing a rolex band

Would anyone mind sharing how much they charge for this guys
question to me:

much should we charge for refurbishing (cleaning, polishing, and
restoring original look) on a Rolex two tone band, mens’ or ladies’

Also what if the band is all stainless steel or all gold, what would
be the prices then?


David Geller

David- I’ve done about a zillion of these. I enjoy doing it. It
appeals to the OCD in me.

I charge $100.00 to do it. It takes me about 2 hours. This is to
make them look new.

Hmmm. I should probably charge more like $150.00

I remove the case from the band, being very very careful not to
launch and loose the very expensive special Rolex spring bars. I
clean and polish, mask off and then apply the satin part of the
finish on the band. The next step is doing the case. The hardest part
is doing the back. I do the satin in the center first and then mask
off the satin with a round inventory sticker. Then I high polish the
side bevel around the satin. Then reattach without loosing the Rolex
spring bars. Dang those are expensive and very hard to buy.

Hmmm. Now that I REALLY think about it I should charge $200.
Especially when I consider the sale price difference between a
refinished Rolex and one that is still dirty and scuffed up.

Thanks David! You just helped me raise my prices. Damn you’re good!
Have fun and make lots of jewelry

Jo Haemer

We charge a minimum of 100 plus the large stain finish area for
bracelets and case refinishing. We also look at the condition and
judge our time most ofthe normal wear takes an hour but other take
an hour and a half plus and wegarante 90 percent refinish due to
most have big dent or scratches that would require a look of work.

Depends on how bad it is, but I usually charge around $100 to really
go over a Rolex, polishing the crystal (if plastic) and all. Includes
adjusting the clasp, removing and reinstalling the bracelet, new
spring bars, etc. If it’s in pretty good shape and just needs a
cleaning and a quick trip to the wheel with no disassembly, $20 or
$25. Same price for gold or stainless. It’s the same amount of work
after all.

Thanks for asking! I’ll look forward to the next version of the Blue
Book. Anybody that works retail and doesn’t have David’s Blue Book,
really should consider getting a copy. It’s no exaggeration to say it
saved my business. Saved it from me.

Dave Phelps

This is what our store charges to refinish Rolex watch bracelets.

Watch restoration refinish case and bracelet.

For Rolex Oyster: Bracelet Only = $85.00.

Case and bracelet - Watch must be tested, movement removed, crystal
removed, clean and refinish case and bracelet. Reassemble and re-seal
= $165.00.

For Daytona’s = $225.00 (more difficult because multi functional)

Yacht Master must go to Rolex. We can’t replicate finish on bezel.
Estimate only. (around $325.00 without service)

Hope this helps.

I don’t know if I am stating the obvious or not but having worked in
a Rolex dealership with certified watchmakers, please know that the
case should not be touched unless the movement is taken out first.
Also, once you do that, your water resistance has to be tested.

Bracelets are one thing. case polishing takes it to a whole new

I write this with utmost respect for the forum so please don’t take
offense if I am indeed stating the obvious.


Thanks David

Glad the book & philosophy works so well