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 I would like to do my own refining of the scrap metal in my
work bench.

G’day Garcia; the first thing you have to do is to determine
what metals you have. Next thing is to find out whether your
metals are mixed up and if so can they be separated by visual
see-and - pick methods. But do you really want to refine it, or
simply to recycle it?

  I can not even remember the name of the acid to begin with. 

If it it is gold, platinum or the noble metals other than
silver, then the acid you might be thinking of is ‘aqua regia’ a
mix or hydrochloric and nitric acids. If silver, then nitric
acid easily dissolves it. These days however, the dissolving of
precious metals (other than silver) is done with cyanide solutions
and compressed air. More efficient and believe it or not, less

If you have a mix of metals that cannot be easily separated then
your best bet is to go to a good refiner. Cheers.

   / /    John Burgess, 
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