Refining scrap silver

I have an accumulation of silver scrap that I have divided into a
soldered/burnt/destroyed bag and an unsoldered new scrap bag. I buy
my supplies from Rio Grande and Indian Jeweler’s Supply, and assume
they would take the scrap and apply the money to my open account,
but, is this the best solution? Would someone else give me a better
deal? I also have floor sweepings and buffer junk which I don’t
think they will want. Looking for suggestions. Thank you so much
from terribly windy, smoky southern Colorado.

Kathy Anderson

Kathy , you didn’t say how much you had but I would suggest you call
United Precious Metals and let them do the refining. You can just
box it all in one container, everything, floor sweeps , buffs etc.
and ship it to them… 1800-999-FINE. Dave Zimmer is my contact
there. (usual disclaimer goes here) Frank Goss