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Refining precious metals

Hi orchidians.

I will have to melt a part of my stock, but some pieces have very
hard to reach precious stones, which I would like to keep unharmed.

Do any one of you know of a system I can put up to dissolve my 10,
14 and 18kt gold into colloidal gold?

I do not want to use the Acid method. I have hear of an electric
method that dissolves the precious metals into a certain "salt"
solution, that is safe to handle and produces no toxic fumes.

Thank you for the info!!

Best regards,

Juan Pablo Martinez Mansilla
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Guatemala Ciudad, Guatemala, Centroamirica.
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I have used the salt system if it is the same one you are talking
about there are lots of noxious fumes I actually got blisters in my
throat from doing it and had chemical burns on my hands, send it out
to a refiner. I was doing this at my first jewelery job and had no
clue as to what was going on and neither did the owner he spent
three days in the hospital he scarred his lungs. Dont want to scare
you but be real careful.