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Refining company that deals with the public?

I am not a business, but I have lots of silver scrap and dust. Cant
go to Hoover & Strong. Apparently, United Precious Metal Refinery
doesn’t accept lots of less than 25oz at a time (is that true or was
the lady just give me some jive?) Anyways, Does anyone know of an
honest and reliable refinery that isn’t so highfalutin that they
can’t deal with small time chumps like me?

Thanks guys,

Rio Grande they pay for any amount sent in. follow instructions at
their website.


hello, a litlle HNO3, salt, very litlle HCL and aluminium scrap, you
can diy in the garden/vapor are dangerous/, Pawel Bielawski from
Krakow Poland. If you need instructions feel free to contact me.