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Refining brass and copper scrap

I have about 5 lbs of Brass scrap, I think its yellow brasss,
nu-gold? can this scrap go to refinery? and I have a mixed scrap
silver copper and brass, how do you send in? or do you just trash it?


only a few refiners handle brasses…check united metals and local
scrap dealers…put it on your area’s Craigs list or ebay as a last
resort…don’t just toss it!

Call a local metal scrap dealer, you should be able to get $3 to $4 a
pound for clean scrap copper and brass. In your scrap with silver
attached separate the out stuff with the silver and send that in when
you refine your silver.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts


While it is true that not many PRECIOUS metal refiners will take
brass it is a very common recyclable. Look under scrap metal in the
yellow pages virtually any metal recycling yard will take copper and