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Reducing size of rectangle wire

I just found out that for the time being I cannot get my normal ring stock wire anymore. I do have some larger size rectangle wire pieces that I could use to create the stock I need. Is there any information available on the most efficient ways to change wire format and size? I was searching, but could not find it. If there is any info on this, could you please point me in the right direction?

One example:
What is the best way to get from 10k wire that is sized 6x1.5 mm to the 2x1.3mm that I need. Can it be rolled to reduce the width of the wire?

Or do I have to melt it into an ingot and roll down to square, then flatten the wire? I just got a new 130 Durstom mill, but do not have much experience in rolling wire, so any advice would be appreciated.

Stay safe and healthy. Thanks.

You can use Mark Wooding’s online wire-strip rolling calculator to figure it out. You can start with round wire, roll it flat and then square up the edges.

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Thanks for pointing me to the calculator. So I would have to use round or square wire then. :cry:
I had hoped there is some kind of a shortcut I could take by starting with the rectangle wire.

Try the calculator that Elliot mentions or get some heavy copper wire and experiment. Make sure to write it all down as you go…Rob

If you use rectangular wire on a regular basis it would be worth investing in a rectangle draw plate. Depending on the dimensions of the wire you’re drawing you might need to use a draw bench. Happily, you can construct one fairly inexpensively.

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