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Redirects for Old Links in the Archives


Posting this in Jewelry Discussion - I will move it shortly thereafter to Site Feedback.

As many of you know, the old Orchid archives on consisted of 233,000 individual messages. Each of those messages was a unique URL (like this one). When we moved over to the new Orchid, we spent a ton of time and money turning all of the archives into threaded topics that were searchable (you can search for anything you like simply by clicking the magnifying glass in the top right-hand corner).

We avoided creating a “redirect” for all of the old message URLs, simply because it was a lot of work to create 233,000 redirects and we hoped the links weren’t being used that much anyway. A “redirect” is the functional equivalent of a change of address form… it tells you that something you clicked on has moved from Location A to Location B, and just sends you to Location B (instead of telling you that Location A is wrong, and sending you nowhere).

Why does this matter to you? Because many of the old archive threads contain links to specific messages elsewhere in the archive, so if you are browsing a topic and wish to click a link, you couldn’t use the links before.

Now you can :slight_smile: All the old links will now get you to the new thread.

P.S. Thanks @wldlzrd1 for mentioning this. Thanks to ALL paying members - your money pays for improvements like this.

P.P.S. That was a real pain in the butt!


Awesome! That is a huge job! Thanks for your work to keep this place improving! Ben Brauchler



wow! you guys and gals are so awesome! and fast!

I really appreciate all the hard work and effort put in to make Ganoksin a wonderful site!



Bravo! Thank you so much!


Awesome! Thanks for everything you’re doing to make this community a wonderful place to learn and share.