Redepletion gilding

I’m still searching for the ultimate depletion-gilding experience
and still learning lots from everyone’s posts. Thanks to David
Huffman for your posts–very helpful!

Just under the layer of fine gold that results from depletion
gilding seems to be a greenish layer, presumably because all of the
methods I’ve tried so far are more effective at removing the copper
from 18k but leaving much of the silver still alloyed with the 18k.

Neither dipping the item in nitric acid nor pickling it in ferric
nitrate seems to eliminate this green tint that is lurking just
under the fine gold.

Has anyone had experience using 18k red gold specifically for
depletion gilding? I’m thinking that if there is less silver to
begin with, the result might be less green tint. Also, does 18k red
gold have less malleability than 18k yellow?

Thanks for your advice!!
Best regards,