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Red bronze formula

I’m experimenting a bit in bronze casting right now and I’m looking
for a red bronze. Does anybody have a source or a formula for such a
creature? I really appreciate all the help.

Richard, in frigidly cold Michigan (oh, what joy!)

People like to use the words brass and bronze interchangably, so
sometimes is difficult to know what someone is asking for.

If you’re looking for a metal formula used in Viking-Age castings,
then you’re talking about red brass…the formula for red brass is

If you’re looking for something that really called red bronze, then
I don’t know.

Hi Orchidians, Hi Richard.

Try this formula: Cu 90% - Sn 8% - Zn 2% > Absolutely Red, it’
isn’t fluid .Fus Temp. about 1.150 - 1200 C ( in vacuum) Cu 86% - Sn
10% - Zn 4% > Good Red, more fluid idem

For whom, who want to try : Cu 80% - Sn 20% > " Bell’s " Bronze !
Very clear, but it sounds very well.

Hope it helps! Regards to all !