Red Amber - revisited

L would like to thank all of you who responded to my inquiry about
the Red Amber statuette offered to me for sale. Your was
more than helpful. especially the web sites on Amber. But to those
of you who are interested {most certainly Catherine Jewell!!} the
statuette I saw was approximately 9 to 11 inches tall with a 5 inch
base and the Amber was very clean inside, so I can only assume that
it was not true Red Amber. It was offered at an antique shop in a
Detroit suburb. On an aside…Catherine, does this sound like what
you saw at the estate sale?

Ernest White

Yes, it does. I am also from the Detroit area and have seen some
large pieces, including one purchased by my mother. They were all
heavy and resin not to say they were cheap. The material is expensive
and beautiful. I hope you got a good deal.