Recycling silver scrap for Casting

Hey guys, I’m fairly new to the world of casting so I have a lot of dodgy porosity filled castings lying about that id love to re-use in future castings, I read everywhere that I should only use a max of 50% scrap in my future melts, anymore and ill see defects in my castings.

Whats the best way of preparing dud castings for re-use? pickle, scrub, dry and back in the electro melt?

Is there a way to turn that silver back into new silver grain that will be appropriate for casting that I can do myself? Or do most people send these castings back to a refiner?

Whats your process for recycling scrap, id love to know!

Thanks so much for any help!

Do a search on this discussion board and you will find all kinds of advice. There is an active discussion going on right now. It is good to augment scrape with new casting grain or just new solder free metal. You can, however, practice with what you have to see how the process works. You will need a bigger torch or melting furnace, some kind of mold that can be as simple as a shallow groove cut into a charcoal block, a crucible and some borax. Don’t forget a safe fireproof bench area with some ventilation and PPE. Good luck…Rob

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