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Recycling Reticulated Silver

Hi there! Just curious if I can melt down and recycle the silver that has been reticulated for things like water casting or creating a new sheet. Would there be any issues with firescale or staining. I am guessing I would need to add new metal as it has been heated more than normal.

The metal I reticulated is sterilium, so a sterling alloy and it seems to tarnish pretty badly and it is harder to get off than if it wasn’t reticulated and sometimes it doesn’t come off at all in small spots.

Thanks so much Nicolina

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I haven’t used this, but imagine you mean Sterlium. The Stuller datasheet for Sterlium Plus specifies that “cleaned scrap should be re-grained for reuse”. I take that to mean there should be no problems in recycling.

It being a grey lockdown morning in London, I googled and found

That particular article put forward the view that Sterlium (Plus, at any rate) can’t be reticulated in the usual sense, although I appreciate that you might still get interesting textures from heating strongly enough.

Hi there, thanks for that! Much appreciated.
I have never re-grained silver. I am guessing that the only way to do this is via machine?

I will look into this further.

Sorry for my slow reply, for some reason I did not receive notifications for messages.

Best to you in London!