Recycling precious metal scrap

I have a big box (well a shoe box) of silver scraps, half a box of
gold and a tiny bit of platinum that I’ve been saving forever…does
anyone have a company you can recommend who buys precious metal scrap
and/or recycles it?

I know quite a few places I can sell my scrap to, but I would really
prefer someone who will take it and recycle it back into wire for
me…any suggestions?

Thanks so much!!!


There are plenty of refiners who will return the value of your scrap
in metal, but if you are looking for one that will return YOUR metal,
I doubt you’ll find one. Refining on such a small scale is completely
unprofitable (and probably from an environmental standpoint, truly
wasteful, as the energy consumed to run such a small batch is much
less efficient than doing large batches). Most legitimate refiners
however will give you back metal for your scrap in whatever form you
want, it just won’t be the metal you sent in to them.

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
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I suggest Pease and Curren and Advanced Chemical. They are both in
RI. I use them both and I have had great returns from them.

My advice to you is no matter who you send your metal to weigh all
of your silver scrap, your gold scrap, and your platinum scrap
separately. Bag them up separately with notes on the bags, and write
them a letter informing them of your knowledge of your weights.

Before you send it, discuss the best way to get the best return for
your money. Many companies have several ways of reclaiming metal and
they can help you to figure out which one to use.

Platinum costs extra to refine, usually about $100 additional if
they refine all of your stuff together, so you will want to weigh
your platinum and figure out if you have enough to make it
worthwhile. Right now it is about $1285 on oz but that is only $41 a
gram, so it will cost you at least 2 or 3 grams to pay for the extra
refining charges.

One last thing, you might consider having them send your gold back
to you as.9995 gold casting grain. Why sell gold and then buy more.
they will take the charges out of you metal totols and sned you a
check and gold you can decide.

PS, we just sent out a 35 gallon drum full of sand paper, floor
sweeping, lint from the buffer, crap like that. We retrieved 4 oz.s
of 24K gold!!! It only cost $200 to refine, well worth having a
barrel around the shop. It took 2 years to fill up the barrel with
junk.Our maintance folks hired a new janitor and forgot to tell them
to put the sweepings in the barrel and I didn’t find out for about 6
monthes! I wonder how much we had thrown away? Dennis

Good luck, Dennis

United precious metals at 1800-999-fine .

Frank Goss

Well, nobody is going to refine your metals, re-alloy them,
fabricate new material with them, and return the same metals to you.
Refining is done in large batches. If all you want is to trade your
scrap for some amount of wire, I am sure most refiners will be happy
to accomodate you. Hoover & Strong is my choice - above reproach and
fair with their prices.

Lee Cornelius
Vegas Jewelers

I have used Hoover & Strong several times. I just sent a shipment,
they received it on 4/11/07, and I received my check today. Pay for
rush service, as well as overnight mail for the check, if you are in
need of the cash quickly.

Ed in Kokomo