Recutting chipped diamonds

Hi All;

I have come upon a rather nice half-carat-plus diamond with a chip
in it running from the girdle up nearly to the table facet. It’s
not a deep chip, but I’m certain the entire crown will need to be
re-cut. It’s an old cut, probably a transition cut very like a
modern brilliant but with a small table. I think it is worthwhile
to have this re-cut, and I’d like to keep the same facet style,
since I’m going to put it in an antique mounting. The girdle is
very sharp, which is probably why it chipped, so I expect it to end
up with a smaller diameter and lose a few points. Anyone have any
recommendations for someone who does this kind of work? And also,
what kind of costs would you expect that job to incur? thanks,

David L. Huffman

David, My friend, Mervyn Hahn, at L.A. Diamond Factory, has done many
recuts for me…REALLY knows his business. 213-627-8700.

He will be able to estimate the recut weight for you before cutting.

David Barzilay
Lord of the Rings
607 S Hill St Ste 850
Los Angeles, CA 90014-1718

David, A third generation jeweler in downtown L. A. had a cutter
there repair a diamond for me. Marty Ross of Hal Ross
Jewelers-213-622-6441. He’s knowledgeable and a gentleman. Good
Luck. Bob Shagy G.G.

Dear David,

The best diamond cutter I personally know is Steve Truax located
here in Minneapolis. A truly great artist and expert, trained in an
old world tradition. Just tell him what you need. His number is

Best Regards,
Todd Hawkinson

David: I use South West Diamond Cutters in Dallas Tx. 1800-934-7932.
Ask for Ashley and tell him Frank Goss sent you. I have been using
these guys for almost 10 years and I am very satisfied with their
work and prices. They do both rapairs as well as recut, just tell
them what you want to do. (usual disclaimer goes here) . Frank Goss