Rectifier (was Ultrasonic vs Steamer)

Noel, I am no expert on electronics, either, but I know that you
could even use a 9 or 12 volt lantern battery to electroclean with, as
long as the items you ar e cleaning are not too large. This being the
case, the only reason I can se e that an anodizing rectifier won’t
work is if the amperage that your rectifie r will pull is not high
enough. The amount of voltage needed depends mostly on the solution
you use. I have used some that required 12 volts for a minut e other
soutions have reccomended 8 volts for 45 seconds. If your rectifier
will get amperage around that then you are all set to go. I would
start b y getting some electocleaner (any supply house that sells
plating products wil l have it) and seeing what voltage it calls for.
You’ll also need a stainle ss steel beaker.

It is my belief, and I say belief because I have not been taught any
bett er, that the amperage pulled depends on the surface area of the
peice you are plating or cleaning. The more surface area (the larger
the piece) the mor e amps you will pull while plating. This is why
you need to use a large battery like a lantern or small car battery;
it needs to be able to give you the power to get the job done.
Rectifiers are normally sold by how many a mps they will pull. Mine
will allow up to 30 amps. I rarely do work that p ulls more than 5
amps. So, just check to make sure that you have a machine tha t is
powerful enough to handle the load. If for some reason it isn’t don’t
worry about it, just go buy a good 9 to 12 volt lantern battery and
go for it. The only problem I can foresee is if you are electocleaning
too large an object and can’t pull enough amperage through the piece.

Most supply companies also sell small books that explain plating in
pretty straightforward terms. I would reccomend getting one if for no
other reas on than to educate yourself about plating. If I remember
correctly I bought one many years ago for about $5.00. Hope this
helps and good luck!

Larry Seiger
JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler