Sometimes very simple things help when we are low.

Last year I contracted pancreatic cancer and while I was away from
my bench it was the community here that became quite a central point
in my life. Even though I was very sick the ability to share and
learn kept me going through some very dark and pain filled days.

Well, it happened again. I got a very nasty perforated ulcer that
landed me in the theatre again last Sunday week. I’m much better now.
Thanks are due to this community for being there. I was able to
communicate, think and learn even when the pain was so bad I was in

There really is a sense of community and caring here, something
missing from many cyber places.

Thank you all.

Tony Konrath

Thank you everyone for the good wishes, healing vibes and positive
thinking. So many emails from all over the world!

I had a final test today and they’ve dubbed me a miracle - again!
I’m up and about, in my workshop and feel fine.

Emails like these really did keep me going when the pain was very

My best wishes to everyone.

I’m off to London for a week or two to visit all my people over
there who got scared I was going to cash in my chips ( and of course
to visit my favorite stone dealers, order more findings from a small
Italian company who make the sea shell clasps for me and generally
get a fuss made.)

I cannot tell you all how good it is to be alive! Every morning I
wake uop and go “WOW!”

I also ordered myself the benchmate. How did I survive all these
years without one?

Tony Konrath