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Recommended pressure for smith regulators

I using propane, and oxygen [both small refillable tanks] with smith
regulators and a Hoke torch. I remember [and have re-familiarized
myself] with the proper start up and shut down procedure [and I have
it written down for reference in my studio] ~ my question is, what
pressure is it best to set the regulators to? The article in LJ
isn’t as specific as I would’ve liked - it simply says that “…a
2-1/2 PSI preset regulator is common for propane…” [course mine is
not ‘pre-set’] and the oxygen it says as low as 2 [for the smallest
tip] and “rarely higher than 15 PSI” - which is a big range. Any
comments/suggestions anyone? By that info, I was going to start with
2.5 PSI for the propane, and figure the oxy at 3-5 with a medium
tip, just to start. Is this a good place to start?

TIA… ~a.