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Recommended jeweler in San Francisco

I am looking for an experienced jeweler in San Francisco who works in gold and platinum who can make a custom engagement ring - I have the stone.

Thank you

John Donovan at Donovan and Maggiora.

John was a frequent contributor to Orchid for many years. He sort of faded away from Orchid a couple years ago unfortunately after he and all the other jewelry artisans were forced out of the Phelan Building, but he and Jo-Ann are still crankin’ out the jewelry.

You will not find anyone in SF that is more qualified to help you. Tell him I sent you, and that he ought to get back on Orchid.

Dave Phelps

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I second that one on both counts.

Karen Christians
Western Avenue Studio, #506
122 Western Ave.
Lowell, MA 01851

john donivon and maggiora. knowledgeable and talented

They are terrific, they listen to what you would like and what you can afford and create a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Thank you all. I will contact them.