Recommendations for kiln?

I want to get a kiln for enamel work as well as occasional
flameworking (glass beads) and fused glass cabs (less than 2"
across). I have been researching kilns and understand that a
digital pyrometer is quite helpful. I think I want the interior to
be roughly 8" x 8" x 8" (not a tiny one) but am flexible on the
dimensions. Here are a few questions for those far more experienced
than I in this matter …

How realistic is it for me to think I can anneal beads and cabs
without a programmable kiln?

What are good sources for used kilns for my purposes? Where should
I post my ad and hope to find one?

If I can’t find a used one, what kilns do you recommend?

Can a programmable controller be added to most any kiln or just
certain ones (should I decide to add one in the future)?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


How realistic is it for me to think I can anneal beads and cabs
without a programmable kiln? 

Maybe you could, but you’ll be soooo much happier with a
programmable kiln. I recommend Paragon.

They have them in the size you want. Used ones are not so easy to
find. Post wanted signs at Art Centers, on lists, email all your
friends and ask them to tell other friends.

Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay

Check out

Kiln Questions - by Tim McCreight



Last year I purchased a Paragon kiln for enameling and have been very
happy with it. It’s about the size you describe and cost me about
$800 new. I looked for 6 months for a used one and couldn’t find one
that met my criteria. Yes, a digital pyrometer is very helpful! I’ve
used both digital and non-digital and preferred the digital.

I use my kiln to anneal all my fine silver, but have never attempted
to use it for beads or and lampworking.

All Fired Up
Business Directory - Ganoksin Jewelry Making Community does
advertise used kilns and they are pretty easy to deal with. I bought
my new kiln from them and David is very nice and helpful. He really
knows his stuff, so give him a call and he’ll try to get you what you

Vcella is an excellent kiln, but more pricey. They are built for you
so you’ll want to check them out before making a decision. They are .

Good Luck!
Tammy Kirks

Some people anneal beads without a programmable controller, but it is
more difficult because you can not control temperature closely. We
have the best prices on kilns and guarantee you can not buy the
brands we carry for less. See It is usually
more expensive to add a programmable controller to a small kiln than
to buy one new. Small used kilns are very difficult to find. We
have never had any used kilns. Any of the brands we carry are quality
kilns. You must decide the size and configuration that suits you.

Hope this helps.

Hi Elizabeth,

A great used kiln is so easy to find. I’ve bought three large kilns
over the last two years from a company called All Fired Up. Their
website is The telephone number is 704-609-4605.
They sell both new and used. I’ve bought three Olympic kilns that
were rebuilt by the manufacturer and shipped directly from their
warehouse. The freight on it wasn’t too bad and they are quite
large so a small kiln shouldn’t be too costly to ship. The guy who
owns the company is David and he is fantastic. I don’t have a
connection to the company, I’m just a satisfied customer.

As for whether you need a computer controller or not…definitely
go for the programmable controller. It has made a world of
difference for us. You don’t have to sit there and watch it (or
forget about it like I have in the past, oops!). With a
programmable controller you can program how fast or slow you want
the kiln to ramp up, to what temperature, how long you want it to
hold there, how fast or slow you want it to cool and even set a
delay. Set it and forget it is what I do. You’ll pay a little more
for a kiln with a controller but you will never regret spending the
extra money.

Nancy Stinnett
Geosoul Arts

I still have a programmable kiln available for sale.It is a
Neycraft and, basically is almost new (see specs below or contact
me off list). I know that Orchid prefers not to allow ads (a wise
choice), and that's essentially what this would be. I'll include
the specs here, but Orchid may edit them out, so contact me off


Programmable kiln manufactured by Neycraft. The model, as labelled
on the door, is “Vulcan 3-550 Ney”. The Operating Manual is included
with the kiln (includes instructions on programming the kiln). The
cover of the manual indicates that Neycraft describes this kiln as a
“Vulcan Box Furnace with programmable Controls”. This kiln operates
on 120 volts.

Features of the kiln, as stated in the manual, are as follows:

  • High performance/Hybrid Muffle;

  • Operating temperature 50 degrees C (122 degrees F) to1100 degrees
    C (2012 degrees F);

  • Vertical lift door, giving maximum access

  • programmable controller with nine (9) three stage programs (six
    segments each) and 1 program with a single termparture hold;

  • heavy duty constructions with stainless steel front panel;

There are other miscellaneous features, but, in addition, this kiln
can be used for the following purposes: burn-out; metal clays; glass
fusing; ceramic firing; heat treating. This model kiln is currently
shown in the Rio Grande and other catalogues. It sells for around
$1395.00 plus shipping, but I am going to sell it for $900.00 as I
no longer will be using it.

I bought this kiln new from Rio Grande and haven’t used it for a
number of years, firing it a estimated maximum of 20 times. Although
this kiln shows no damage, either in the cabinet or in function, it
is being sold as a secondhand/used piece of equipment and therefore,
I am selling it “AS-IS”. The last time it was used, it functioned
perfectly. This is a solid piece of equipment useful for any of the
above-mentioned purposes and Neycraft has an excellent support and
tech staff able to handle any questions about the use of this kiln.

Price for the kiln: $900.00

Thank you all for the input on which kiln to buy well i recieved my
paragon sc2 today and i love it .Ican not wait to fire it up and get
started onall these new ideas i have floating in my head thanks

Guy R
St Is