Recommendations for books on stone setting


i only have one book dedicated to stone setting

many of my jewelry instruction books touch upon the subject…

does anyone have recommendations for books dedicated to stone setting?


This isn’t a book, but for me, the Blaine Lewis DVD’s are the best stonesetting resource that I’ve ever seen. I thought they were discontinued because DVD’s aren’t as popular anymore, but Rio Grande still has them.

Alan Revere’s Professional Stonesetting is a favorite of mine.

All of the books by Robert Wooding are very helpful. They’re older books, but are classics. When they first came out were the best books around. The Diamond Setting Manual - Procedures and Techniques, Diamond Setting - The Professional Approach (this is the book of his that I own), Invisible Setting - Setting and Repair. I think that he wrote more books than that?

The Jewelry Repair Manual by R. Alan Hardy is the main book that I learned setting from way back when.

There’s a few. I know there’s lots more. Great question!!


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“Professional Stone Setting” by Alan Revere. Available hard cover, digital, or Kindle.

Neil A


Hi Julie,
there are a lot of books out there on the subject and its hard to know which is the best one for you unless you see them first, maybe go to your local library which might give you an idea.
I took a punt on a couple of books form Amazon which cost about $60 AUD each and found them to be informative, they both mostly cover the same information but have a couple of different things as well. One is Stonesetting for Jewellery Makers by Melissa Hunt and the other is Gemstones Settings by Anastasia Young. If I had of seen them first, I would have only brought Gemstone settings by Anastasia Young as it has a good coverage of tools and their uses, stones and their properties, step by step setting techniques with colorful photos though out the book, also a lot of other information. I could of sent the other book back for a refund but you can never have to many books on Jewellery making and all that goes with it.
good luck

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