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Recommendations for a tumbler

I have found the Harbor Freight tumblers to be
knock-offs/rejects/second-rank Lortones. That being said, my HF
tumbler has been running for years"I bought a replacement motor and
belts from Lortone and they matched up erfectly with the HF tumbler,
at less than the cost for a new Lortone and the HF machine. Just a

Blessed be…

I have one of those cheapies myself and the trouble I was having was
the belts would break in a couple days. They were just crap. Years
ago I got a belt made for another machine by fastenal out of some
orange round rubbery stuff. It was super strong. I found that on the
internet and made a belt out of that. Been running ever since. I had
to use my wax pen to join the ends of the belt material. I have a
crap load of it if anyone wants some. I will mail it to you. I had
to get like 25 feet. SD

I, also, have a tumbler from Harbor Freight. It’s been rolling for
several years and recently the belt finally broke. A friend suggested
other sources for belts. Wouldn’t you know, he found a sewing machine
belt that fit. Another source to check are vacuums.

surprised with the tumbler. Not so much with their dapping set,
which is not very well calibrated. It has other uses that don’t
require precise sizing.

Judy in Kansas, where it’s time to harvest asparagus and watch for
turtles to come up.

I have had a Harbor Freight tumbler for quite a few years and it has
been great. The belts are the weakness in it, but I found that the
Loratonetumbler belts are a perfect fit. The two tumblers are very
much alike.

Also look at companies that make O rings. They come in a wide
variety of thickness and diameters.